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We Came. We Saw. It's Done.
09-15-2017  02:00:50

as "that golden machine, so dutiful and strong, ... enter('s) the realm of history, and the toils and triumphs of this long march (are) done."
i want to extend the thanks i have already sent to that "golden machine" to the human members of the team that machine was a part of.
your dedication and contributions are greatly appreciated, and should be appreciated for a long time to come.
the amazing imagery and information you have brought to us are breathtaking and astounding.
from the designers and assemblers, to the imaging team and scientists, to the radio-telescope operators who aimed their antennas to capture Cassini's voice, Thank You one and all.
i am sad that this great mission has ended.
i am also envious of those of you that participated directly with this mission. i have never had any opportunity to be a part of anything like it. not even close.
i can't think of a better way to spend 27 years of working life.
A Subsurface Globe-Encompassing Watery Realm on Enceladus
09-11-2017  12:59:39

i have been enthralled with NASA's missions from the time i watched Echo I cross the night sky shortly after its launch.
of all the missions NASA has participated in, that i have witnessed, Cassini is, by far, the most spectacular.
i come from a background that believe inanimate objects can have spirit. both the Cassini and Huygens probes lend support to that notion.
the extraordinary performance, the unprecedented imagery, the astounding science these two stalwart machines have sent to use should be appreciated for generations to come.
i have come to think of the Cassini probe as a trusted friend who just keeps giving me things to appreciate. from unlocking the information that lead to the conclusion there is a liquid ocean under the ice crust of Enceladus, to awe inspiring images of the rings.
so, little robot, so far away, thank you for 13 years of stalwart service. you are a key member of a really great team.
i am firmly convinced you will be sorely missed by everyone on that team.
i know you will be missed by this member of the crowd in the grandstands. i strongly suspect you will be missed by many others.
so, dear friend, thank you.
thank you for all the images.
thank you for all the information.
most of all, thank you for all the windows that lead to insight.
thank you.