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Have we discovered evidence for life on Titan?
08-08-2010  04:31:02

Thank you Mr Chris McKay for the explanation that carbon isotope measurements might not be able to provide one answer if it is chemical catalysts or ongoing prebiotic chemistry that would explain the appearant lack of acetylene and ethane.

I am afraid I have to agree with you illexsquid, too bad about the reporting from the Telegraph and others, such writers cause more harm than good.

Well the fact still remains that Titan is the most interesting world in the solar system, I am personally convinced that such a grand chemistry lab as Titan could give us important clues both for the origin of life on Earth and possibly also for a different genesis elsewhere (Methane, ethane or acetylene around a red star for example).
So yes, we do need to get some good thinking done on how to get a well equipped orbiter / lander mission for Titan. (I advocate multiple landers to spread the risks for such a long mission, than over a one shot blimp/ballon. Too many uncertainies, not to mention tholins raining down and sticking to the ballon having it crash in a short time.)

Flying By Pandora
08-08-2010  03:49:38

Yes those shallow craters look amazingly strange, some sort of ablation and/or sandblasted by small icy particles perhaps?