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Sector 6

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Enceladus Rev 155 Raw Preview
10-24-2011  11:25:22

dholmes, Very good comment! I've been fascinated with the point of view thing for some time, Macro, Micro, Albedo, Wavelengths, Resolution. It's amazing what information can be found in seemingly small packages.
Thanks for the pictures! Are there any color pictures available?

Enceladus 'Rev 154' Raw Preview #1
10-11-2011  11:44:32

Not too bad. I wonder: why the pictures aren't in colour? Are the faint lines of force seen in the picture a visible feature or an artifact of processing (or of not being processed)?

Enceladus "Rev 129" Raw Preview #1
04-14-2010  22:00:08

That's a keeper!

Mimas "Rev 126" Flyby Raw Preview #1
02-26-2010  08:44:26

The images are wonderful, thank you so much. As good as it is to see images like this, it is difficult to discover details with the resolutions posted on the web. A tower standing over 2000 feet tall would be only one pixel!
"Image scale is 418 meters (1,372 feet) per pixel"

Small wonder the terrain looks relatively flat!

Are these the best images scientists have to work with (are they keeping the best pictures for themselves)?