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Sector 6

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A Great Northern Storm
07-07-2011  02:53:34

Amazing images as always, thanks Cassini team.

The storm itself is absolutely remarkable, but strangely enough what amazed me more about this particular image was simply the perfect bands of shadows on the planet surface. It's hard to believe that nature is capable of such symmetry.

Methane Rain on Titan's Deserts
03-23-2011  03:48:56

It's amazing to see clouds and rainfall in other parts of our solar system, absolutely beautiful.

Great job guys, keep up the good work!

Enceladus "Rev 136" Raw Preview #5
08-24-2010  09:03:58

I hope so too. Either way, it's a spectacular image, being able to see so much detail on the surface of Enceladus is just amazing.

Catching a Cluster of Stars
08-02-2010  02:53:19

What an amazing sight!

Sunlit Propeller
07-13-2010  05:08:28

Truly amazing, keep up the good work guys.

02-12-2010  01:10:56

Yeah, I can't wait for the images to become available.

The Herschel crater images should be especially fascinating.

Good luck, Cassini.