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Sector 6

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A Day To Celebrate the Pale Blue Dot
Troubled Tribble      
10-23-2013  17:52:51

The more I see of Titan, the more amazing it becomes. The thing I like the most is the vast distance between Titan and Earth. Titan will remain in it's current state for eons. Except for the occasional visit from a Huygens type probe. Can you imagine what would happen if BP could send tankers there? Perish the thought.

Spring Unveils Saturn's Hexagon
Troubled Tribble      
12-10-2009  13:00:57

I've looked at the short movie numerous times. Seems to me that this phenomeon changes shapes more than it remains a constant hexagon. There appears to be a tear drop, a circle and the now famous hex. What causes this is open to suppostion. For myself it could be magnetic fields, solar winds or God just getting our attention, so that we will scratch our collective heads.

Enceladus Rev 121 Flyby Raw Preview
Troubled Tribble      
11-24-2009  17:48:36

Absolutely the most amazing Astro-photography ever taken. I can't wait to see what Pluto looks like. Carolyn and team, you do make it look easy.