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We Came. We Saw. It's Done.
09-15-2017  08:20:12

Thank you very much for taking us all along for the ride Captain and providing a window seat. Time to publish all the pictures there weren't time for before...hint hint!!
Kudos and great job to all!
A Subsurface Globe-Encompassing Watery Realm on Enceladus
09-10-2017  07:47:29

The Last Lap
Sad in the aspect that this mission is over. Time to move to Cassini Ver 2.0 and finally have time to analyze the petabytes of data collected.
Thank you Ciclops Team it's been a wild and wonderful ride.
04-07-2017  15:02:37

Why was the A ring prop called Earhart? Much more deserving women in aviation abound. Cochran or Thaden to name two.
12-31-2016  14:04:27

To the whole team I want to send a Happy & Sad New Year to all.
09-16-2016  16:58:55

I'm really not looking forward to this time next year. Not a all.
I Dreamed of Falling
01-14-2015  11:08:06

Like our Captain, I too have been in awe over the images...with more to come. I wish we could bring Verne and a few thousand others back for a day to enjoy these wonders with us.
Visions of Saturn Danced in Our Heads
01-06-2015  20:37:36

Ciclops Team....Have another great folks are the best.

Cosmicart.....Take care and Happy New Year to you too.

Featinwe.....You are so, so right!!
12-28-2014  22:35:43

Dear Cosmicart:

I will give you that some of the space art is very beautiful. Does it depict reality? I don’t think so. As a kid I just knew that Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers and Space Patrol were giving me a wonderful look at the future and space in general. Over the last forty years I’ve learned first hand that they weren’t even close. Space is much grander than they had imagined. As for the book “The Art of Space” I’m afraid I must pass. Some of the comments read that it will be of great interest to those who like science fiction, and includes artists conceptions of aliens. If I wanted that I’d be headed out to Roswell. So, although the prints are pretty, I’ll just wait for all the pixels to come together in a JPG. Lastly, thank you for setting me straight. All these years I have come here to Ciclops, several emails of mine that she responded to, I had no idea what Carolyn did around there! LOL

12-24-2014  17:59:29

I will say that I have never cared for artists conceptions of astronomical renderings. I don’t feel that they are even close to what the true image would be. With all the imaging we have coming back in our solar system I don’t even see the need for it. If the discussion is about some where that we haven’t been yet I’d much rather wait for a JPG than to have someone’s WAG.
The Wonder of Enceladus
07-28-2014  17:36:02

We have got to go there. I hope soon so I can enjoy the findings. Thank you for the wonderful Captain's Log Carolyn.
Ten Years Ago Today ...
07-01-2014  05:12:20

You're right Carolyn. We're not in Kansas anymore and we can't go back. It has been a splendid ten years. Awesome in the true sense of the word. I thank you and the team for your dedication. You folks are the greatest.

I do have one wish. I wish I could have the Cassini build team make me a car. It would be so nice to have a vehicle that could go that many miles, last that many years without a service visit, and still not be recalled!!
The Day the Earth Smiled
11-12-2013  13:22:51

As inspiring as the imaging is, I have to admit my first feelings were not of the awe most embraced. Gazing at the tiny blue dot, against that vast black void all around it, I realized that we are a rather tiny target. Military training teaches to present the smallest target possible. Earth, our home, is doing it very well. Not perfect, but very very well. That, inspires great happiness in me.
A Day To Celebrate the Pale Blue Dot
07-22-2013  17:21:45

Carolyn I know I was a bit early....but ya gotta do that to get the best seat in the house! I believe it paid off as I can see a slight bit of orange from my shirt in the photos! Which I must say are beautiful!
06-19-2013  20:56:35

Hey Carolyn, I wore my bright orange shirt, so you can find me easily. Hope the pics turn out!
Up, Up and Away!
08-29-2012  20:39:02

I've been following this adventure since launch and so many awesome pictures. We really need to get some rovers up there for Carolyn and her team to drive around sight seeing.

Thank you imaging team for allowing us to look out your window. The view is spectacular.

Saturn Storm Rev 142 Raw Preview
12-28-2010  00:29:43

I have to agree with the impact theory. I picture it as entering from the top and disintegrating at the bottom. The trail being perturbed by the atmosphere much as a vapor trail is here on earth. But then, preview #2, does have a slight appearance of what could be considered an eye similar to a hurricane. I have thrown out the failed missile launch theory! Goodness, I wish we knew everything, so we wouldnt have to do all this supposing.
12-27-2010  15:44:38

Once had a photo of the Moon similar to this. It was a liquid spill on the negative. I doubt that is what this is though. LOL :) Very unique shot. Love all the pics that keep coming back.

Bursting at the Seams
02-23-2010  15:21:19

Truly wonderful. I still would like to go there!

Enceladus Rev 121 Flyby Raw Preview
11-21-2009  14:51:45

Supercalifragilistic is the only word I can come up with to describe this flyby.

This batch of pictures further convinces me that Enceladus could be humankinds perfect jumping off point on its Trek to the Stars.

Great job imaging team!
11-21-2009  14:50:55

Supercalifragilistic is the only word I can come up with to describe this flyby.

This batch of pictures further convinces me that Enceladus could be humankinds perfect jumping off point on its Trek to the Stars.

Great job imaging team!