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Enceladus Rev 121 Flyby Raw Preview
11-24-2009  14:08:30

#5 is incredible. My imagination can't decide what to make of those crevasse-like features in the image. Is the crust loose and moving? Is Enceladus shrinking because of internal melting? Or is it expanding because of internal pressure? Carolyn and the team must be going nuts with the amount of data!

Enceladus "Rev 121" Flyby Raw Preview #8
11-24-2009  13:59:09

Oops, sorry for the typo, I meant "more of a clue than me!"
11-24-2009  13:57:55

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the similarities in this image to those of Europa? Ice rafts anyone? Tidal heating or impact residue? I look forward to hearing from those with more of clue than me. Very exciting image!

Enceladus Rev 120 Flyby Raw Preview
11-20-2009  17:48:28

carolyn: thanks I will keep that in mind for the future.
11-20-2009  14:57:53

Hi, I'm new here so my question may have been answered previously. I was looking at some of the published papers and was wondering this: when a small body such as Phoebe or Hyperion is said to be "porus", does that mean in practical terms that beneath the surface there could be something similar to caves? Or is this more in the geological sense of a glacier moving thru rock? I hope I am making sense here. Thanks in advance for the patience.