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Sector 6

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Enceladus Rev 141 Raw Preview
12-03-2010  09:56:50

It appears such a cold world, this 'cue ball' of Saturn's moons. Yet we see volcanic jets, their light rising kilometers into space. The Cassini probe continues to prove its worth in the identification and analysis of these ominous and fascinating globes of our Solar System.

Tethys Polar Maps - August 2010
12-03-2010  09:45:01

At 90-degrees, coincident with the pole in the Northern Pole view is a crater or volcanic cone. It is easier to see it first on one of the labeled views in the center of the cross-hairs, notice the surrounding terrain, and then spot it in the large unlabeled view for a clear image. I wonder, is it a crater or the throat of a volcano, and why is it centered exactly on the pole?

Enceladus 'Rev 141' Raw Preview #2
12-03-2010  09:26:06

At 10 O'clock (up and left) from the Enceladus eruptions appears to be a small meteorite.