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Sector 6

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Rhea 'Rev 143' Raw Preview #3
01-12-2011  21:37:44

Anaglyph, please!

Mimas "Rev 126" Flyby Raw Preview #4
02-15-2010  10:53:07

Assuming this is a closeup of Herschel, I'm intrigued by what appears to be a "stain" along the bottom of the crater wall. Do we know anything about this feature?

At Last ... 'Star Trek' Opens!
11-30-2009  13:58:04

Just picked up the Star Trek BluRay this past weekend. If you haven't already gotten a hold of one, you should definitely do so! On top of the film, there are tons of extras. Most relevant to this forum, our Captain appears on-screen with insightful commentary on the dawn of the space age and the importance of films like Star Trek in capturing our collective imagination. You can find Carolyn in the section on Gene Roddenberry's vision (note: the word on the street is that this only appears in the BluRay release, not the DVDs).

Incidentally, most of you know this already, but in case you missed it: Earlier this fall a couple of us put together a petition to get Carolyn a cameo in the Star Trek sequel that's in pre-production right now. Please sign it if you haven't already! It's at
06-25-2009  00:03:16

With the exception of the time travel bit (which left me with way more questions than the plot answered), I thought Abrams & Co. did a great job resurrecting the series. It was about time they rejuvenated it with some young blood! And the Ice Planet scenes definitely made me smile...well done, Carolyn and CICLOPS team!

Spotlight on Penelope
11-16-2009  16:23:07

Wow, neat. I had a feeling there might be some sort of optical reason, as I've seen plenty of icy bodies showing up way darker than this (or at least with higher contrast) in images. Thanks for that thorough explanation!
11-16-2009  09:25:29

Ooh, pretty. Seems particularly bright...does Tethys have a naturally high albedo or is that an imaging byproduct?

Saturn Equinox Raw Preview #3
08-12-2009  18:15:07

Wow. That is truly amazing. Talk about a Houdini act!

Anticipation Builds as Equinox Draws Near
08-11-2009  09:30:14

I've seen both the 10th and 11th as dates for the that just due to different time zones?

Exposing a Shadow
06-28-2009  09:49:29

I love how the innermost rings seem to just