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Sector 6

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Saturn, Approaching Northern Summer
09-20-2016  13:51:57

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One of the most beautiful color images of Saturn of the mission. It's showing a lot of details in the planet's atmosphere. There are orangish hues in the northern hemisphere and a kind of darker belt within that area.
Greetings from the Dragon

Barely Bisected Rings
09-20-2016  08:03:02

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this has been a long journey for cassini to travel. the end of mission has been a long time coming.
09-13-2016  10:53:30

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i have not been able to get to this page for about two weeks. glad to have it back.
and this image is just another Wow!
a little matter, a little angular momentum, set them loose and look at what you can get.
i still love the images here.
A Subsurface Globe-Encompassing Watery Realm on Enceladus
09-16-2016  16:58:55

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I'm really not looking forward to this time next year. Not a all.