How do I use the CICLOPS RSS feed?
RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a way of notifying users directly of updates to their favorite web sites. To subscribe to an RSS feed requires an RSS reader. There are various ways to implement an RSS reader (see below). Most major web browsers recognize if a site has an RSS feed and will display an icon (RSS Feed Icon or Safari RSS Icon) in the address bar when you visit that site. In addition, many personalized web sites, such as Google Personalized Home, give you the option to subscribe to another web site's RSS feed.

CICLOPS is now utilizing the RSS notification system. If you subscribe to the CICLOPS RSS feed, you will be updated on all the latest image releases, press releases, artwork, Captain's Logs, imaging team scientific papers and meeting abstracts, and other newly released content.

For more information about RSS, Harvard Law hosts the official page for the RSS format

In order to use our RSS feed, you need an RSS reader. A list of the most popular RSS readers can be found at the Berkman Center at Harvard Law. Once you have an RSS reader, you will need to subscribe to our RSS feed. If you have a browser that supports it (eg, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 7), you can click on the RSS icon in the address bar once you have arrived at the CICLOPS site, and the browser will subscribe to our feed for you. If you wish to use a different RSS reader than the one used by your browser, the method of adding a feed will be different for every RSS reader. In this case, the documentation for the reader will instruct you on how to subscribe. (The address of our feed is

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